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Who We are...

We tranform lives through sharing of our knoweldge.

What we do

We bridge the gap by offering “Virtual” and “Actual” tailored programs and courses to equip youth, or anyone interested in “unlocking his or her potential” with marketable skills in Catering; Culinary Arts; Fashion & Style; Generator Technician; Photography; Cinematography; Creative Writing; Copy Editing; Publishing; Painting; Acting; Music; Graphic Design; Digital Media; and Communications.


Our primary objective is to create opportunities and empower African youth to become more productive, and having multiple skillsets through our robust, informal, non-academic, innovative, vocational training.


Equip our trainees with marketable skills for economic benefits and self-reliant.


To become Africa’s leading transformative vocational training platform.

Core Values


We create opportunities for African youth through our robust, non-academic, innovative, vocational training structure.


Together with our trainees, we carry a productive mindset. We set personal feasible goals that are challenging but achievable. We work collectively to surpass our goals.


Our platform is a training hub. We welcome and bond with individuals from various walks of life. We share our skills and knowledge to impact our local communities.


We appreciate the emerging trends and understand the forces driving economic activities. Our training are innovatively weaved by interlacing strands of Culture, Intellect, and Technology.


We contribute our quota in the development of the global workforce by sharpening the occupational skillsets of men and women—thereby effecting economic and social transformation.

Our Team

Alfred Atungu (SixFootPlus)

Creative Arts Consultant

Chef James Joe

Culinary Instructor

Chef Vovor Edem

Culinary Instructor

Favour Johnson Ayegba

Media Consultant

Oluwagbemiga Samuel-Dasaolu

Graphic Designs Consultant

Magaji Muhammed Abdullahi

Photography Consultant

David Adoga

Commuication Consultant

Henry Doe

Generator Technician Instructor

Hasotel Vocational Centre also known as HavoCentre is the learning platform of Hasotel International Limited.